Nier Automata Anime Rumors Abound

NiER Automata may have an anime adaption in the future

NiER Automata was one of the bigger games that came out in 2017. It was certainly one of the bigger games that came out of the franchise, which has spanned various consoles and genres since it came out in 2010. NiER: Automata in particular drew people in with its androids, beautiful open-world setting. And replaying the game for different endings,which is typical in the NiER series, further enriched the story.

NieR: Automata

And while there had been a bit of teasing uncertainty about the NiER series over the 2021 holidays, it seems that there are some unexpected developments for the story. Though there have been other games in the NiER series, with Re[in]carnation and Replicant, there may be an Anime in the works for the Automata story.

That is if we take what was discovered recently. Apparently, there has been a registering of a web domain in Japan. The exciting part would be that the name of the domain is Nier-Anime.

This is not to say that Automata would be the NiER series that this domain is for. Nor is it to say that it would be an anime series, as there has not been any confirmation from any studio. But it is very much a high possibility.

Nier Automata footage square enix

There have been anime adaptions from other video games previously, including Persona, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, and Devil May Cry. Some of them were movies, and others were series- or a series and a movie. And well some have been well received, others were not as such.

That is to say, while we may not know if NiER: Automata does have an anime in the works, fans would certainly hope, and be excited for retelling the story in a new format.

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