Dead Man’s Diary, Survival Adventure Game, Coming From TML-Studios

A Narrative of A World Gone By 

A blend of genres, and a story of survival coming for the end of March. TML-Studios announced details about its upcoming narrative driven survival adventure game, Dead Man’s Diary. A press release about the game provides more details about the game as well as a release date. Additionally, the press release provides a few screenshots. 

Dead Man's Diary Announcment

Dead Man’s Diary puts players in a post-apocalyptic world in the shoes of a survivor. The game takes place years after nuclear missiles ruin the world. It is a game that blends genres as the player must craft, explore, solve puzzles, and survive in a hostile and deadly new world. The game will put the player’s brain to use through puzzles and resource management. All of the player’s equipment is craft-able and upgradeable. However, when you leave the safety of your bunker, you are without shelter and without weapons and survival is hard. 

“Dead Man’s Diary is a project delivered straight from the heart of our team. We can’t wait to finally welcome players into our post-apocalyptic world.” Says CEO and founder of TML-Studios, Thomas Langelotz. 

Furthermore, the narrative of the game is told through diary entries made by the survivor. Written entries and soliloquies provide the player a deeper insight into the mind of the survivor and his experience in this world. As the player explores you will uncover secrets and stories about the post-apocalyptic world. With 27 levels all full of dangers, the game is a constant struggle to survive. Additionally, with over fifty hours of gameplay there is a whole post-apocalyptic world to explore. 

Dead Man’s Diary is releasing on March 30th 2022 for PC. In addition, console versions of the game are coming at a later date. What will you write in your own Dead Man’s Diary experience?