We Are OFK Will Be Released Like a Televised Series

A New Single From OFK Will Release Alongside Each Weekly Episode

We Are OFK devs first meant the project to turn out as a game. It showcases the life experiences of a group of musicians trying to make it big in Los Angeles.

We Are OFK started as a game project that was meant to be about what we know—a story about people making things and trying to just get sh*t done in Los Angeles with focuses on friendships and relationships,” said Creative Director Teddy Dief.

OFK is actually a real band. Unlike other band in the music industry, however, it has virtual members. We Are OFK is not about the developers making a music-based game.

we are ofk released televised series

We did not want to make a game about people making games,” Dief continued. Instead, the team decided to “do a proper band and then tell their story.”

According to Dief, “it made a lot of sense to do music” because most of the members of the team had a background in music. “Our producer at the time had a background in the music business and she knows her way around the industry,” he said. “And, I have a vocal background.”

We were like, ‘Oh we can put something together where we could actually make a professional music project that is not just a traditional video game soundtrack,’” he added. 

What the devs are doing is actually not a novel concept. Today, there have been a lot of fictional biopics for different musical artists and bands. However, it is worth noting that We Are OFK is one of the first—if not the first—to have a story told through the lens of an episodic video game. Most of the other biopics were told via a television series. We Are OFK’s unique way of telling the story allows the viewers or players to participate in the narrative.

We Are OFK’s episodes are launching like a TV series as well. Once the game launches, players will only be able to access Episode 1. The next episodes will be out on a weekly schedule. A new single from OFK will also release alongside each of the episodes.

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