Elden Ring Director Wants Players to ‘Feel Unpressured’

Elden Ring Devs Want Players Not to Stress About Game Difficulty

Elden Ring fans are less than a month out from experiencing the game. According to FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game will not be as difficult as most would have initially thought.

I would like new players to feel unpressured,” Miyazaki revealed. “They can approach the game at their pace.”

elden ring director players feel unpressured

Although Elden Ring may not be easy, he thinks that more people will be able to finish it than the other games they have developed in the past. “I feel like our approach to these games, not just Elden Ring, is to design them to encourage the player to overcome adversity,” he continued. “We do not try to force difficulty or make things hard for the sake of it.”

According to some pro gamers, Elden Ring is the most flexible Souls game by a long shot. However, this does not immediately mean that it will be easy. After all, there are still a lot of bosses who will stomp players without mercy until their patterns have been learned. 

We want players to use their cunning, study the game, memorize what is happening, and learn from their mistakes,” he said.

The Elden Ring team does “not want new players to worry or stress about that difficulty too much.” “They can come back to something later when they are at an impasse,” he added. “So that they can have this freedom of progression and not have to bang their head against a wall over and over.”

The gaming community is well aware of how difficult FromSoftware titles can be. Arguments over game difficulty usually flare up towards the launch of a new game from the studio. The same goes for conversations about devs adding customizable difficulty options for the game. With that said, the surrounding hype about Elden Ring will most likely be no different.

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