MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Will Be Revealed on January 31st

MLB The Show 22 Devs Will Reveal the Cover Athlete Next Week

MLB The Show 22 devs have revealed that the cover athlete of the game will be revealed on January 31st. They have been pretty mum about the game lately. Thankfully for fans, that will change towards the end of the month.

Big things are happening this Monday,” the devs wrote on social media. “Stay tuned for more news on our cover athlete reveal.

mlb the show 22 cover athlete revealed january 31st

Apparently, Sony wants to make the MLB The Show 22 reveal in a big way. Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell confirmed that the reveal will take place at 11:30am ET, starting with a pre-show. It will emanate from both the San Diego Studios headquarters and New York Times Square simultaneously.

Traditionally, MLB The Show titles are released in either March or April. However, fans are not complaining about this earlier release for MLB The Show 22. Last year, SDS revealed the cover for MLB The Show 21 on February 1st. With that said, fans are expecting that they will do the same for the upcoming title.

Fans may not be able to see gameplay footage at the reveal. However, it is highly likely that devs will tell the community about the game’s launch date and the accompanying platforms that the game is launching on.

The studio’s console information news about the game should be interesting. Last year’s installment debuted on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It was not available for PC and Nintendo Switch users. It is still unclear if the same happens to the upcoming game as well.

Many fans of the game think that the dual-threat of Shohei Ohtani may take center stage. Such speculation would make sense considering that he has completely taken the league by storm. 

At the moment, the entire Major League Baseball is in a lockout. Both the League and the MLB Players Association are in the middle of negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. They intend to make sure that athletes can still play baseball this year and the years to come.

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