PlayStation Exclusive MLB The Show Plans to Expand to Xbox

The Show is Coming to the Xbox

MLB The Show has long been a PlayStation exclusive. The baseball titan has been a part of the PlayStation brand since 1997. While it might not be the flagship exclusives like Halo or Last of Us, MLB has done very well for itself despite being a game that has only been accessible to PlayStation users. However, this could be changing in the near future. MLB The Show has announced that they will be breaking away from their exclusive relationship with Sony and PlayStation and seek to sell their game for other platforms. Namely Xbox.

mlb the show 19 hero

MLB The Show is one of the only notable baseball games on the market and has held a virtual monopoly over the genre for a very long time. The success of this game has significantly helped PlayStation edge out competition and surpass other consoles in sales. While baseball might not be the world’s most popular sport, it is huge in America and Japan. And there are a lot of Japanese and Americans who would love to pick up a baseball game without having to be forced to buy a PS4.

While we should not expect to see MLB make the jump anytime soon. A next-generation baseball game is definitely in the works for both the Xbox on possibly Nintendo. The Project Scarlett will most likely get a taste of America’s favorite pastime in 2021 (roughly).¬†Nothing is totally set in stone and things could always change, but everything is pointing towards a multi-platform release for MLB in the near future. Something that should excite a lot of baseball fans.

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