The Kids We Were, Seems Super Touching; Arrives on Steam Next Week

Returning to Childhood

Let’s go back to a simpler time. Embark on a heartfelt journey, now coming to Steam. Originally an award winning mobile game Gagex’s touching adventure game, The Kids We Were, is coming to Steam this month. A press release about the PC version of the game provides more details. In addition to the PC release of the game, Gagex also unveiled a live action trailer yesterday. 

The Kids We Were Feature

The Kids We Were is a narrative driven adventure game set in 1980’s Japan. Players will play as Minato a young boy sent back in time with a note book he is to use to unlock seven mysteries. In addition, his sister is dying and his mother is also worryingly sick. Unlocking the mysteries in the notebook is said to any wish he wants. The player will join up with a group of kids who wants to help. Thus, you adventure around 1980’s Japan in a voxel art style uncovering mysteries and learning a thing or two about life. 

The game seems to try to grip the player with nostalgia, even if it’s for a time they didn’t exactly live in. Equally, the live action trailer tries to capture the same feelings. 

Images of children on adventures throughout their city, set to upbeat music. That’s what you find in the live action trailer. Culminating in a still of the voxel art style of The Kids We Were. 

The Kids We Were is an award-winning indie game. Winning the Avex Award as well as a top three title at the Google Play Indie Festival in 2020. The Steam version is releasing on January 13th. In addition to the full game, the Steam version includes an extra episode that takes place after the events of the main game. The Kids We Were costs $15.99.