Switch’s N64 Emulator Got a Little Bit Better

The Switch’s N64 Emulation Is a Little Bit Better Now

The Nintendo Switch has been killing it this generation, but it does have its fair share of issues. Its online service is one of them. You can now kind of play some N64 games if you are willing to pay an extra $30 a month for the privilege of playing these old games. Thankfully, while still not perfect, the actual N64 emulation seems to have received at least a bit of an improvement. At the very least, it is a good sign that Nintendo is at least working on the issue.

One game where this is noticeable is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. At launch, the water looked absolutely dreadful. Now, it still lacks texture, but it looks much better. I’d prefer Nintendo to figure emulation that has existed for an extremely long time on PC, but I guess Nintendo is never up on the time when it comes to tech.

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Dataminer LuigiBlood has also confirmed that it seems to be an actual fix to the Switch’s N64 emulation itself and not something Nintendo did to the game itself. Hopefully, Nintendo can get these games looking just like we remember them. Well, with it being the N64, I would prefer them to look better than I remember them. I’m sorry, I’ve always thought N64 games looked pretty ugly, and my opinion has not changed.

Despite minor improvements, there is still a host of issues. Fans are upset that Paper Mario is still crashing. The memory save issues in Banjo-Kazooie are still there. Nintendo is charging more money for this service, and fans are right to be upset that it just isn’t that good. Hopefully, given enough time, the problems will eventually be smoothed out. I still think it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place, but here we are.