Phasmophobia Plans Equipment Update

This Is Part of the Smaller Bug Fix and Patches the Studio Plans to Do

Ever since Phasmophobia came out for early access on Steam, the studio behind the game has been working on updates and fixing bugs. Kinetic Games have been working hard on Phasmophobia ever since it came out in 2020,  and it shows. Thanks to their dedication towards the game, Streamers, Youtubers, and gamers have flocked to the game and enjoyed what it had to offer.


While Phasmophobia had a major update in December, called Cursed Possessions, and promised to make all sorts of updates during 2022, it turns out there is a surprising small update coming soon. Or, maybe not so surprising, as this was part of the promised list.


Turns out, they’re going to be working on the sound sensor sooner than expected. The sound sensor, as the name suggested, detects noises that the ghosts make. As of current, the sound sensor is the least used piece of equipment, though it can be very important, as hearing-or not hearing- can mean one different ghost type or another. But while it is an important piece of the kit, the sound sensor is not the most visually appealing, being a simple white square that attaches to the wall.

The preview suggests that the sound sensor will be getting a complete visual overhaul. Instead of being a square, it will turn into more of a microphone on a tripod, with red cables that attach to a tiny black box. It’s difficult to say if this means the sound sensor will still be wall attachable, but from looking at it, it’s more likely that the updated sound sensor will be placed, either on the ground, or perhaps on surfaces such as tables.

While we don’t know when the sound sensor will be updated specifically, but thanks to this Tweet, and Kinetic Games trends  of showing hints in the past, we bet that this update will be implemented very soon.