Phasmophobia Gets Into the Holiday Spirit in New Update

Turns Out, Spooky Claus Exists

While we knew that Phasmophobia would be getting a new update, and there was the guess that it might have a bit of a holiday theme, what we did not realize was how holiday spooktacular they would get. While it was known that there would be more cursed objects in the latest update, Cursed Possessions, and some help in differing the ghosts, this comes as a fun, and funny, surprise for players and fans alike.


For Kinetic Games did not mention this directly in the update. Oh no. Instead, they kept it as a surprise, only calling the Santa ghost a “reports of a strange new ghost type,” in the patch notes. So it became a delightful surprise for players when they made the discovery. That, and learning that the sound of jingle bells means that you’re being hunted by a ghost. That makes the game both delightful and terrifying.

There’s also some seasonal decorations at the Maple Campsite, as well as the fact that it’s always snowing in the outdoor location. This is not the first time that Phasmophobia has made seasonal changes for player enjoyment; the Halloween update of Phasmophobia: Nightmares featured a very spooky waiting room area for players to explore, with a hidden scare within.

So, we may not be able to keep Spooky Claus within Phasmophobia. And while that’s too bad, that may mean that we will be able to enjoy him coming back every year as players explore and hunt ghosts as part of their game objective with up to three other friends.

There is, thankfully, another ghost that looks as if it will be here to stay though. Called the Mimic, it, well, mimics other ghost traits, which can make it extra difficult to identify what ghost it is- unless you find the ghost orbs. This may be extra difficult in the Nightmare difficulty but that may be what will make the game more challenging and fun.

So for those that are still playing the Early Access game, keep your eyes- and your ears- open. Those who want to play Phasmophobiacan find it on Steam.