Phasmophobia Update Gets a Release Date-and It’s Soon

The Update, Called Cursed Possessions, Is Considered a Minor Update

Phasmophobia previously hinted and teased at a holiday update via their Trello board. Now we’ve got official word of what will be happening, as well as when the update will be released.


Turns out, this free update, called Cursed Possessions, is coming out on December 10th, 2021. According to their Tweet, it looks like the update will drop at 4 pm GMT, making it 8 am PST, and 11 am EST when the update drops. Kinetic Games, the creators of the spooky game, have updated their Trello to reflect what the upcoming changes will be. And while it looks like players can not be possessed, not yet, there are a few game items that may be. While there was the voodoo doll mentioned in previous interactions of the game, now it’s called the tortured voodoo doll. And that sounds pretty ominous. There’s the summoning circle as well, along with a cursed music box and tarot cards that players can use to speak with ghosts.

More importantly, this update comes with two features that will come about: new ouija board questions and updating Ghost Identities. Kinetic Games admits that before it could be difficult to discover which ghost was which, especially in Nightmare mode, the highest difficulty currently in the game. With this update, it should be easier to discover what is haunting the location players are wandering around, as well as enrich the Phasmophobia experience.

As said before though, while this game is still a game in progress, this is considered a minor update, especially compared to the previous one. That update, called Nightmare, released new ghosts as well as its first outdoor location, in a campsite. This added suspense to the experience, as instead of opening doors to investigate, there were zippers to slowly unzip and see if there was something, or someone, inside.

For those interested in playing the game, Phasmophobia can currently be found on Steam, with the option of playing on VR, for $15.49 CAD.