Mortal Online 2 Day 1 Patch Brings More Life to Its World

A Massive World 

The world of Mortal Online 2 is a living one. At least according to the day one patch that went live today on release. Developer Star Vault’s massive sandbox MMORPG, Mortal Online 2, has received a launch day patch to make the world feel alive. Alongside the patch came a press release that details the contents of the patch as well as how it will change the scope of the game’s world. 

Mortal Online 2 Feature

Mortal Online 2 puts the player in a massive sandbox world where their actions are completely free. With an open PVP and PVE world where combat is based off of skill, the patch introduced more to fight. From new creatures, to dungeons that come bearing bosses. There has never been more to test your skills out on.

In addition to combat, the patch introduces a fully fledged house system, more character customization, as well as more fauna. The patch also includes a fishing system. Meaning the rivers of Mortal Online 2 are also teeming with life.

Additionally the official gameplay trailer, that released last year, shows glimpses of this massive world. However, more now exists within the sandbox MMORPG than the trailer would let on. 

Mortal Online 2 is available on PC through Steam. The game is out now, and the day one patch adds all of the above improvements. Additionally, amidst the other changes, the day one patch brings a bunch of new secrets for players to discover. Currently, the game costs $40.94 on Steam. What will your legacy be?