Not Tonight 2 Coming Next Month

Not Tonight 2 Will Be Very Political Next Month

Not Tonight 2 is out to be the most political game of all time. Developed by PanicBarn and publishing label No More Robots, Not Tonight 2 looks to stand out from all of the AAA games that claim to not be political and stand for nothing.

If you’ve played the original Not Tonight, then this isn’t actually a surprise to you. If you haven’t played, you really should. It is a great and very political game. The original focused on a post-Brexit adventure. Unsurprisingly, that was also a very political game.

Not Tonight 2 is taking a trip around America this time around. We are moving away from Europe and on to the much better continent of North America. Here are just a few of the sights you can expect to see:

  • New York under water (climate change is a myth!)
  • A rolling, mechanic wall on the border of Mexico
  • Religious cults and terrifying conglomerates
  • A Canadian-annexed Montana (free poutine for all!)
  • Mount Rushmore taken over by medieval LARPers
  • Factories pumping livestock full of steroids, yum yum

As you can see, Not Tonight 2 isn’t afraid to make a statement. Unlike Ubisoft, who loves to take political imagery and then claim they are not political at all. No, Not Tonight 2 devs are willing to actually back the imagery they use.

I always love to see games that make a statement. Games that are willing to stand for something. I feel it is what really allows creativity to blossom.

Not Tonight 2 is set to launch on Steam on February 11.

Source: Press Release