Metal Gear Solid 2 Intro Looks Good in Unreal Engine 5

Metal Gear Solid 2’s Intro Getting Remade in Unreal Engine 5

Metal Gear Solid 2 is getting the intro remade in Unreal Engine 5 thanks to the work of German developer and artist Erasmus Brosdau. This isn’t Brosadu’s first foray into this kind of work, as he did the same thing when he did the original Metal Gear Solid intro in Unreal Engine 4.

Metal Gear Solid 2 absolutely deserves this treatment. Honestly, any of the older Metal Gear Solid games could have their cutscenes prettied up. Personally, I would love for these games to just get the Bluepoint treatment at some point. This is a series that thrives off style, and they would look so good with a proper remaster with modern graphics.

Unfortunately, Brosadu doesn’t have much to show just yet. He shared a five-second clip so far, but it has me eager to see more. He is clearly passionate about the series, and I can’t say I blame him. Metal Gear Solid justifiably has a very devoted fanbase. It sure is a shame Konami just keeps being the worst. It’s unlikely we’ll ever get another good game in the series.

What is likely is that Brosadu will continue to share his passion with other fans of the series. He even got the attention of Hideo Kojima, who actually retweeted his video, so it is clear that the developer appreciates the work.

Maybe someday, Konami will consider stopping being terrible just long enough to give us a proper Metal Gear Solid remaster or remake. I have my doubts, but I can hope. I would just love to see the series in the hands of developers like Bluepoint. They have proven how much they care about the franchises they work on.