Epic Games Store Shares Review of 2021 and its Plans for 2022

Epic Games Store Welcomes 2022 

A new year means reflecting on the last one and setting goals for the year ahead. The Epic Games Store is taking this to heart as they, once again, share a review of last year. In a blog post on their newsfeed, The Epic Games Store shares the data they have collected from 2021. In addition to this data, they outline the goals that they have for 2022 going forward. 

Epic Mega Sale

According to the data that The Epic Games Store presents in the blog, they had a big year. A record 194 million PC users with a peak of 31.1 million daily active users is exciting. It points towards a massive community that is also reflected in the sales data. In addition to the active users The Epic Games Store claims that players spent a combined $840 million dollars throughout 2021. This money was spent on the 917 titles that the store boasts are up for sale. 

In addition to number statistics the blog post reflects on updates made to the store throughout 2021. From updates to store navigation to improved product pages that include more information and media. However perhaps one of the biggest updates The Epic Game Store developed last year was their publishing tools. Last year they held a closed Alpha and Beta, for the publishing tool. This year, according to the blog, they will release the full version allowing full self-publishing. 

Yet, with all their accomplishments last year, the store already has goals for 2022. The blog includes promises of new features like new community features and improvements to performance. In addition to promises of in store UI improvements, the blog also mentions the new games coming to The Epic Games Store in 2022. Games like Forspoken, Stalker 2, and Dying Light 2 are all making an appearance this year. 

2021 was a big year for The Epic Games Store, now players will wait and see what comes for 2022. 

 SOURCE: Press Release