Elden Ring’s Character Creation Mode Leaks, In Video Form

Make the Hero You Want in Elden Ring

To call Elden Ring “hyped” would be a massive understatement. From Software’s new game carries the reputation of their previous franchise, one you may have heard of a couple times: Dark Souls. And as you may expect for a release of this size, fans are hungry for any morsel of information they can get their hands on before the game releases this Feburary. And where companies will prefer to drip-feed info to build up hype, leakers have no such ideals – today, another one of those leaks dropped.

But this isn’t your usual leak. It’s not a report, nor a blurry cryptid-tier photograph. It’s a full-blown video. Six minutes and twenty seconds long, 720p resolution, gameplay footage of the game’s character creation systems.

And you can watch it, right now.

Everything from the UI and art style seems very similar to Dark Souls’ aesthetic,= down to the haunting “confirmation” sound that plays when you select menu options. It’s not identical, but it’s enough that any Dark Souls fan will feel right at home.

Elden Ring also boasts a wide variety of sliders for you to make your character exactly as you want them. Color options let you make your hair or skin the exact shade you like – whether it be a nice, not-too-muted brown or a harsh highlighter-yellow. Facial options are equally impressive, ranging from the practical to the downright grotesque.

As strong as the leak is, it’s not comprehensive. Most of the menu button names are missing, with more than a couple instances of selected options not loading on the player’s model. The implication here is likely that the leak shows only an unfinished build. So while there could be even more content in the final product, a few options could also have been cut in the meantime.