Blade Assault Has 3 Playable Characters That All Have Unique Playstyles

Blade Assault Officially Spins To A Launch on PC In Mid January

Publisher Neowiz along with independent video game developer Team Suneat have announced the release of Blade Assault on PC. Blade Assault is a 2D roguelite platformer that spent some time in Early Access. The companies have now confirmed the release of the game on PC via Steam, following a six-month period in Early Access. PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game are also planned for release.

The game’s full version will release with three playable characters, Kil, Jenny and Darcy. Each character has a unique playstyle, signature weapons, and over two hundred items to utilize in combat. Furthermore, there will be three new bosses for players to encounter and of course, a new final mission.

Players will be thrown into a beautiful, 2d platformer based in a desolate sci-fi world. The game features responsive controls, weapon customization and an interesting story. In Blade Assault, the Red Stone War has led to the world being separated into three regions. Players must explore the Undercity, the mutant infested grounds and the rich, sky city of Esperanza. Each area offers players a fresh experience. Can you fight against the corrupt forces in the name of justice?

Additionally, as a roguelite, Blade Assault allows players to meet various NPCs, characters and more. Also, the developers have utilized the game’s Early Access period to ensure fast-paced combat and much more.

Early Access has been a fantastic option for independent video game developers recently. By using it, developers are able to finetune their games prior to release. What are your thoughts on Early Access?

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