Aura Kingdom Gets Chilly With Latest Valleys of Ice Hearts Update

Venture into the Valleys

Aura Kingdom is getting some icy new content. Gamigo’s anime MMORPG, Aura Kingdom, is excited for players to experience the latest content update the Valleys of Ice Hearts. A press release provides more details on the content coming with the update as well as more details regarding the quests of the update. 

Aura Kingdom Feature

Aura Kingdom is an MMORPG that sees the player become an Envoy of Gaia. By yourself or with others you will adventure throughout the fantastical world. Similarly to other MMORPG’s players choose their class, picking from between 16 different classes. 

Alongside the newest update the world of Aura Kingdom is expanding further. The update brings four new maps, from the crystal plains to different hidden valleys, each with its own activities and areas to explore. Additionally, the new maps come with new dungeons for players to test themselves against. 

Also, according to the press release, even more mission content is arriving as ” a group of otters digging holes in Cactakara Forest and a horde of sea creatures invading the north side of the Helonia Coast.” 

Players are able to see snippets of the new content in the update trailer that came out yesterday. 

In addition to the new world content, comes changes to player characters as well. For instance, the character level cap has been raised. As well, there are new events for characters coming with the update. 

Aura Kingdom’s Valleys of Ice Hearts update is live now. The game is available on PC through their website. Get out there and explore the cold.