Telltale Games to Reveal New The Wolf Among Us 2 Info ‘Early Next Year’

The Wolf Among Us 2 Devs Will Reveal More About the Game in Early 2022

The Wolf Among Us 2 fans first got wind of the title back in 2019. Telltale Games first announced to the gaming public that the game was going into its pre-production phase in December 2019. Unfortunately, there has been no word about the sequel since the announcement.

Thankfully for fans of the franchise, Telltale has just revealed that they are going to release more information about The Wolf Among Us 2 in early 2022.

the wolf among us 2 development

We will have some more to share about our games and the studio,” Telltale Games announced on social media. “Hang in for early next year when we can go deeper into things.”

It remains unclear to fans what “go deeper” means for The Wolf Among Us 2. At the very least, it could be that the team behind the game have more details to share about the current status of the upcoming project. Fans are also hopeful that the devs finally shed some light on their potential release plans.

Telltale has done so much for their projects—The Wolf Among Us 2 included—since the two years of the company’s “rebirth.” “We will continue sharing what news we can, when we can,” they added. “Most important, thank you so much for your support while we rebuild a studio and create new games.”

The studio has also confirmed that they are now using a new Unreal engine as they begin production on multiple titles, namely The Wolf Among Us 2 and The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

It has, indeed, been “a busy year” for The Wolf Among Us 2 devs. “Things are only going to get more exciting from here,” they wrote. “Thanks for being with us on this adventure so far, and we cannot wait for what is next.”

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