Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 Is Out Now

Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 Is Available Now

The Scarlet Nexus DLC Pack 2 adds more ways to bond with characters. The action-packed JRPG Scarlet Nexus has just received its second DLC pack and a free update to go right alongside it. This DLC pack is focused on the supporting cast as it adds new bond episodes and costumes.

Here is what the DLC pack adds:

  • New costumes and weapon skins for all playable characters in collaboration with famed artist DaisukeRichard
  • 10 new Bond Episodes to further expand upon character relationships
  • New power-specific effects when using SAS to connect with an ally who has learned Nexus Drive

Scarlet Nexus screenshot

If you haven’t played Scarlet Nexus, bond episodes are how you become closer to your allies. As you give gifts and fight alongside each other, you can do a bond episode during the standby phase of the game. Increasing your bond with allies allows them to be more useful in combat as they will take damage for you or launch into a powerful attack.

I like the idea of being able to learn more about my team with new bond episodes. I’m near the end Yuito story and still have the Kasane story to do afterward. Since I got this game on GamePass, I’m interested in picking up the DLC to show some support for a game I enjoy.

Alongside the DLC is a free update that everyone gets. The free update includes:

  • Battle Simulator– rematch against boss fights from the main story campaign as well as from challenge missions
  • Over 20 new challenges for players to test their skills
  • A new lineup of “Exchange” items in the Shop that includes plugins, weapons, and more

The battle simulator is nice, and I’m open to new challenges once I begin my second playthrough. Not bad at all for a free update. It’s always good to see a game continue to get support even after its been out for months.

Source: Press Release