PUBG: New State Releases First Major Post-Launch Update

PUBG: New State Releases First Major Post-Launch Update 

Krafton Inc. is a video game publisher and developer that has worked with a variety of studios. The company has major titles under its portfolio including PUBG: Battlegrounds and PUBG: New State. Player Unknown Battlegrounds launched many years ago on PC. The title was a fun battle royale that truly propelled the genre forward. PUBG: New State later launched on Apple and Android mobile devices. Krafton Inc. has launched the first major post-launch update for PUBG: New State as the game surpass 45 million downloads globally. This update introduces a ton of new content for players to enjoy.

The Survivor Pass Vol. 2 is based on Bell, an in-game character. It allows players to complete story missions to unlock further costumes. Additionally, players with the Premium Pass can earn additional costumes and skins. The update also introduces two new vehicles, a Minibus that offers durability and a Mesta. The Mesta is a two-seater vehicle that provides players with a fast-paced way to get across the map.

In this update, players can now access the L85A3, a new assault rifle with low recoil. It is the perfect gun at mid-to-long ranges due to its high damage output. Furthermore, there are new customization options for guns. The M416, SLR and L85A3 can now be customized. These changes increase weapon recoil, accuracy and more. Players can add barrels, foregrips and bipods.

The merit-point system has also been introduced in this patch. Players whose merit points drop below a specific threshold will not be able to play that mode until they attain the threshold again. This will only be done through solo play. It is clear that Krafton seeks to stamp out any toxicity.

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