Final Fantasy 7 Remake Players Aren’t Too Happy With Its PC Port

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s PC Port Left Its Fans Disappointed

Final Fantasy 7 Remake just got a PC port. Unfortunately, the franchise’s followers are not too happy about it. Square Enix has finally brought the title to PC, but it seems that something went wrong along the way. It is missing all the wonderful graphics options that gamers would expect from a high end PC launch. It has some stuttering issues on some systems as well.

The PC port is terrible,” said John Linneman from Digital Foundry. 

It is literally the worst AAA release I have seen on PC in a good long time,” DF’s Alex Battaglia added. 

final fantasy 7 remake pc port

Saying it is “terrible” may be overdoing it a little since the gaming community has seen much worse performances from other PC ports. However, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans are not too happy with the port’s $70 price tag. After all, no one would want to pay that much for relatively stingy graphics options.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake does not have a variable frame rate option. It also has no toggle VSync, control effects like motion blur, or a way to tweak anti-aliasing. The PC port also will not allow players to control resolution tracing, which is a common option for balancing performance and image quality.

When Square Enix released the Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the PlayStation 5 six months ago, fans called it a “stunning upgrade.” It had massive improvements to textures, lighting, and also brought a new 60 fps performance mode in addition to a 4K 30 fps option.

For console users, the remake is using dynamic resolution scaling to maintain a smooth frame rate. Its PC port also has this feature, based on the frame rate target that was set. Unfortunately, it does not have any options to disable this feature. 

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