PUBG: New State Is Officially Set to Launch In November

A New State for the Battle Royale

Krafton has announced that PUBG: New State is set to launch on November 11, with one last test scheduled for October 29-30.

During an hour-long presentation, Krafton has announced that PUBG: New State will launch for iOS and Android in more than 200 countries on November 11. The company revealed its post-launch support plans, which include a solid and consistent pipeline of new content, global service support, and anti-cheat measures.

PUBG: New State will launch as a free-to-play title.

Here is what the CEO of Krafton, Changhan Kim had to say on PUBG: New State:

“PUBG: NEW STATE inherits the core of the PUBG IP and will have a competitiveness in and of itself on the global market. KRAFTON will continue to produce games that will be enjoyed by players across the world. We’re committed to offering an expanded experience based on the belief that games will become the most powerful type of media.”

Krafton wants PUBG: New State to set the standards for the battle royale genre. They are promising gunplay that is on par with the PC version, as well as graphics that push the current limits.

PUBG: New State is also looking to add some fresh features such as gun customization, the drone store, and a unique player recruitment system. When it launches, PUBG: New State will offer four unique maps and should be regularly updated.

Krafton also announced that so far, PUBG: New State has racked up over 50 million pre-registrations, and that is an insane number. It seems people are excited for more PUBG.

When PUBG: New State was first announced, I was somewhat confused. What is the point of a PUBG sequel that doesn’t come to PC at least? Now, with Fortnite off iOS and Android for the foreseeable future, this is a game that makes perfect sense. Fortnite beat you in PC and consoles, but PUBG has a chance to completely capture the mobile market, which is huge and profitable. While I still have no interest, this game couldn’t be coming at a better time.

Source: Press Release