No One Noticed That Agents of Mayhem’s Servers Went Offline

‘Agents Of Mayhem’ Sure Went Out With a Whimper

Remember Agents of Mayhem? It was a sort of spiritual reboot / sucessor to Saints Row, developed by Deep Silver and Volition entertainment. It was reviewed well enough, though it failed to accrue any kind of lasting playerbase. That’s probably why I had to start this paragraph by saying “remember Agents of Mayhem?” To most people, the game exists as a buried memory – something that happened that one time that was only-sorta remembered, never to be recalled again.

As confirmed by an official twitter source, the game’s servers went offline “a while ago”. There was no formal announcement. No warning given to players. Deep Silver and Volition Entertainment just quietly took things offline, only noting things publicly when called out on twitter.

Those with a sharp eye might have spotted something here. This isn’t a new tweet. It was made all the way back in october. The “a while ago” is even older than that. And the tweet was so obscure that a fresh ResetEra thread is the only reason we know about it.

One thing noted by the ResetEra post is that it’s now impossible to 100% complete the game. Some parts of the game, namely achievements, required those servers to get earned. Now, the player is completely cut off from them. And they were never warned.

Though to be fair, it’s not like the game had a huge playerbase anyway. In its final days, TheGamer notes that Agents of Mayhem’s steam stats showed just single-digit player counts. It’s no surprise that the tweet saw minimal engagement, it’s just not something people cared about.