Unexplored 2: Wayfarer’s Legacy Developers Announce Major Update

Navigate The Wilderness 

Prepare to explore like never before. Tomorrow Ludomotion’s roguelite RPG, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, releases a major update. This update will be the 5th major update for the game and the developers have said it is a very impactful one. A press release about the update provides more information. 

Unexplored 2

Players of Unexplored 2 know that a great deal of strategizing takes place on the game’s world map. This update, titled Navigating the Wild, introduces changes to the map and travel systems. In addition, the update brings further changes to the living world and how it interacts with the player and camping mechanics. 

“There are many systems at play simultaneously and there is much information for the player to parse. We decided we needed a better way of communicating all this. That’s where the new map features come into play.” Said Ludomotion Game Director Joris Dormans in the press release. 

In addition to the map features, the Navigating the Wild update also brings changes to camping. The update changes the camping UI to ensure players can use camping actions easier. According to the patch notes, listed on the press release, the camping UI has been streamlined in this update to make the process smoother. The patch notes list an extensive number of changes that this update brings. Essentially the update overhauls the entire travel, camping, and map systems of play to benefit the player experience. 

Additionally, changes to the graphics of the campsite, reflecting community wishes, arrive with this update.  

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is an early access game. It is currently available on the Epic Games Store. Xbox versions have also been confirmed and aim to be released in 2022. The Update goes live tomorrow.