Gamigo Group Announces New MMO: Fractured Online

A Sandbox of Your Own

Have you ever wanted a game where you could just be who you want to be? Well Dynamight Studios and Gamigo’s newly announced sandbox MMO, Fractured Online, is building on this premise. A press release about the game included more details. 

““We wanted to offer something that was more powerful and flexible than the conventional RPG level and skills progression system,” says Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios, in the release. 

Fractured Online Feature

In fact, in the press release, Fractured Online claims it will have a completely player based world. From the economy, driven completely by player professions, to warfare where members of one of the three races combat each other for supremacy.  

In addition, and speaking of combat, Fractured Online is looking to keep combat fast-paced and deep. The press release reads that “Combat also plays an integral part in Fractured Online as players will find it to be an adequate way to settle a dispute. Combat is fast-paced as fighters will learn to aim, dodge, and master over 400 abilities and 40 unique status effects.” 

Gallelli also shed some light on the publishing agreement between Dynamight Studios and Gamingo. In a video he speaks on the development of Fractured Online. Additionally, he speaks about the development of the game between the two companies. 

On top of this, Dynamight is assuring players that whatever playstyle they pursue in game, they will be useful. Straying away from the traditional leveling systems of RPG’s is what drives Fractured, rewarding players for ingenuity and courage rather than repetitious farming. 

Overall, Fractured Online appears to be a game focused on freedom. Whether that freedom will bring peace or chaos is up to players. Fractured Online is currently in development with sign ups available for alphas.