Final Fantasy VII Remake World Will Expand, Promises Producer

How It Will Do So, May Be In the Recent Teaser

Final Fantasy VII Remake might have been the most highly anticipated game reboots of the past decade. With its release, we got to play as Cloud again, explore the world of Midgar, and see the changes that came with having new technology to a ’90s game.

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However, as many who have played the game knows, this 2020 release is not complete in its entirety. The story, with all of its world exploration, is just too big. In the original game, the parts had to be divided up into various discs. But how they’ve done it in current times is different. We had the DLC with Yuffie, with the INTERmission DLC. And it is a great addition to the FFVII Remake universe, currently called Final Fantasy VII Remake INTERgrade.

And according to Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, there will be more in 2022. However, Kitase was mum on the details during his interview, and that means we will have to do a little digging and guessing for ourselves.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

While this could mean that there is a full release in the multi-game series, it seems unlikely; there were previous delays due to the sheer size, world-building, and the like for the initial Remake. But the building blocks are there for the world, if not for the sheer variety of monsters that may need to be programmed and become part of the INTERgrade series proper. So while it’s possible, it does seem unlikely.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

However, what may be more likely is that there may be a DLC, or at least some gameplay involving Red XIII. There was a clip of the character on the official website, with full ideal animation and motion, if not showing in actual combat. So, it could be very possible that the next bout of gameplay that we get from the Final Fantasy Remake could be either a full game, with Red XIII joining the party temporarily or permanently, having him in his own DLC or a mix of both.

Of course, we could be completely off. But the idea of bringing back Red XIII into the game proper is an exciting possibility, and a fun one.