Alan Wake 2 Will Be a Survival Horror Game Coming in 2023

Alan Wake 2 Is Coming in 2023, but It Won’t Be Like the Original

Alan Wake 2 has just been announced at The Game Awards. Remedy shared a brief preview of the game. The trailer shows the titular character in New York City and in Pacific Northwest. The latter was the setting in the original game.

Sam Lake, the Creative Director at Remedy revealed at the event that Alan Wake 2 is going to be their first ever survival horror game. This is in contrast with its predecessor’s action focus.

alan wake 2 confirmed 2023

Whereas the first Alan Wake had horror elements in it, it was an action game,” Lake said. “Alan Wake 2 is Remedy’s first survival horror game.”

When we, at the end of the game, left Alan Wake off in the supernatural nightmare dimension of the Dark Place, it felt like a fitting end to our horror story,” he added. “Also like a cool cliffhanger of things to come.”

Although Alan Wake 2 fans are pleased with this announcement, it was not entirely surprising. The original game has been out since 2010. However, it was only in recent years that the whole franchise got a lot of attention. Control, another hit from Remedy, featured some references to the Alan Wake franchise. Moreover, a remastered version of the title also launched to multiple platforms just this October.

Before Lake’s announcement at The Game Awards, the devs already strongly hinted at the existence of the sequel when they confirmed that the remastered project was a smaller part of a publishing deal with Epic Games.

Apparently, Max Payne hugely influenced their decision to develop Alan Wake 2. “Alan Wake was the first Remedy Entertainment game where we were planning on a sequel already when working on the first game,” Lake confirmed. While developing Max Payne, “the idea of a sequel never crossed our minds before the game was out.”

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