Before Control, Remedy Was Working on Alan Wake 2

“We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out”

If you’ve been holding out hope for Remedy to make an Alan Wake 2, we’re sorry to say that the wait will be even longer.

Alan Wake

At PAX East, VG27 spoke with the director of communications at Remedy Games Thomas Puha about the likelihood of getting a sequel to the acclaimed 2009 psychological horror game.

“We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out, so there’s nothing – we’re just booked solid for the next couple of years, really,” Puha explained. “We do own the Alan Wake IP, but it’s never quite as simple as that, but yeah, we do own it.”

While Remedy remains focused on finishing up Control (which releases on August 27th, 2019), there are two sub-teams working on different projects. One of those teams is working on Crossfire, a popular series created by Korean developer Smilegate. Another team, known as ‘Vanguard,’ is currently developing Remedy’s next big game, whatever that may be. According to Puha, it could very well be Alan Wake 2 again as long as they have the “time, money, and resources.”

“A lot of the things that Remedy has done in the last five years is really about putting the company into a position where we have more control,” Puha said. “I mean, the name [of the game] really comes almost from that, and it’s giving us, as a company, the opportunity to decide what happens when the game is out. So, of course, we’re always trying to build a franchise.

“We spent all that time creating the world and everything, and when you only do it for one game, it’s just a lot of work. We’ve got nothing against sequels, so definitely Control is something that we want to be working on in the future. But of course, the first game has to be as good as it can to even build that platform that we can make more, so that’s what we’re focused on.”

In the end, Remedy is happy that they have ownership of their own IP, which also means the company has more control over their future plans than ever before.

“Does that mean we always make the right decision? Of course not,” Puha admitted. “But at least we are the ones making it, and we’re really trying to make sure that we get to make more Control. That’s the hope. Of course, that was the hope with Alan Wake, and these things didn’t really work out, but hopefully, we’ve learned from that.”

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