Battlefield 5’s Microtransactions Have Finally Arrived

Battlefield 5 Players Will Eventually Be Able to Buy XP Boosts

Cosmetic microtransactions went live for Battlefield 5 on Thursday and gameplay-altering microtransactions such as XP boosts are slated to arrive later in the Spring, according to EA DICE.

Battlefield 5

Called “Battlefield Currency”, this in-game money is bought with actual money and currently can be used to obtain cosmetic “new Epic items”, said EA DICE. The developer also announced the upcoming “Elite sets”, which will allow players to play as a specific character during multiplayer modes such as Firestorm. However, EA DICE said that none of these Elite characters “grant any type of gameplay advantage.”

EA DICE also plans to introduce so-called “time savers” to Battlefield 5 sometime this Spring. “Later this Spring, we’ll be introducing two types of time savers that can be acquired with Battlefield Currency: Tier Catch-Ups and XP Boosts,” EA DICE said.

“Tier Catch-Ups unlock Chapter Reward items, providing an option for those players who don’t have the time to earn all those items through gameplay,” the company explained. “XP Boosts accelerate the amount of experience points you earn while you play, allowing you to reach Chapter, Career, Weapon, Vehicle, or Class Rank at a faster pace.”

EA DICE also launched on Thursday two content bundles that contain Battlefield Currency.

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