Xbox Reveals 20th Anniversary Controller and Headset

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Can you believe it has been twenty years already? Twenty years since Bill Gates and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were in the same room, where they introduced the Duke. The very first Xbox in Microsoft’s family of home consoles came out on November 15th, 2001 and here we are nearing the 20th anniversary.

For such a big milestone, Xbox is celebrating with some new hardware. No, it is not a replenished supply of the Xbox Series X, but a new controller and a new headset. Of course, it’s not the Duke, as it was already revived for Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Xbox 20th Anniversary

The new 20th anniversary controller is an Xbox Series X|S model, but with a design to evoke nostalgia. Remember when it was really cool to have controllers, consoles, and handhelds be translucent? The Game Boy Color, N64 controller, and PS2 controllers had models where you could kind of see inside.

Xbox 20th Anniversary

Both the controller and the headset have their precious circuitry protected behind a translucent shell. The controller even has a nifty “20” with the Xbox logo in the 0 inside. The color palette is simply green and black; the colors of the OG Xbox. The grips of the controller and the accents on the headset are green, and everything else is black.

The 20th Anniversary Controller will cost $69.99 and the 20th Anniversary Headset will cost $79.99. Both can be pre-ordered now. There are a couple of other products such as special apparel and a charging station, which would go really with with your new controller. Happy anniversary, Xbox!

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