Warzone Season 6 Will Be Last in Verdansk, New Pacific Map Is Bigger

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Will Be the Players’ Last Chance to Play in War-Torn Verdansk

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 will be the last to be set in the franchise’s original map Verdansk. To give the iconic map a memorable sendoff, Raven Software has decided to bring back the classic Gulag, which will allow players to face off in duels. Although the map looks pretty much the same, the Season 6 patch added some new points of interest, along with some balance changes to keep the arena fresh.

call of duty warzone season 6 verdansk

Season 6 will be our last time in Verdansk,” Creative Director Amos Hodge confirmed on social media. Season 6 for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War launched overnight and it introduced a multitude of new content and weapon tuning for the Call of Duty community.

The new tweaks in Warzone created fissures that open Stadium and Downtown to reveal World War 2 bunkers that provided Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 players with an underground system of passageways and armaments room to explore.

The new map for Warzone was confirmed by Raven Software earlier this year, and was also unveiled by the studio just last month. It will have locations that are completely new to the franchise, and will also share a new engine technology with Call of Duty: Vanguard—an updated version of the Modern Warfare engine.

We are going to the Pacific, featuring an entirely new play space, complete with all-new points of interest,” Hodge revealed at the time. Call of Duty: Warzone fans are expecting this new map to be much bigger than Verdansk, in addition to featuring new vehicles that will cater to its significant size.

Our goal was to create a fresh, new experience for Call of Duty players by breaking out of the war-torn world of Verdansk to create an atmosphere that is vibrant, alive, and really opens the doors to how we can craft the narratives and events,” Hodge added.

Players will get to traverse the lush landscapes of the island and make their way through a variety of extremely cool locations while battling it out alongside friends and foes,” Hodge continued.