“Prepare the Chickens” Says Xbox, In Most Unusual Teaser I’ve Ever Seen

Something is Hatching

Today marked the release of something special. Was it a game release? A cool trailer? Maybe some console add-on hardware? While Xbox seems to know, they’re not saying – yet. The real announcement comes tomorrow. But for now, they have given us a wonderful gift. In leu of the real announcement, they need a single day of prep. One day to, and I quote, “prepare the chickens.”

Will it be underwhelming? Maybe, they didn’t exactly give us a lot to work with, but speculation never sleeps. Scrolling through the replies reveals a common trend – discourse around the Fable series. This discussion was egged on (I’m not sorry) with another tweet from the same account: “We’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name is already taken.” The link seems like a pretty close tie – many people have looked into other Fable release dates, and it appears that October is a familiar month for the franchise.

But that theory may not bear fruit. According to some speculation on GameRant, “While Microsoft is the publisher of Fable, this could actually be bad news for those hoping to see more of the game tomorrow. This is because Xbox Game Studios Publishing is actually focused on publishing third party games. It’s much more likely that this reveal has something to do with one of the many third party games that are coming to Xbox in the near future.”

There are no guarantees in this world, but that second tweet seems to push a very clear agenda. Regardless of the intended meaning, the tweet has certainly done its job, creating endless discussion with minimal information, and drawing eyes towards tomorrow’s announcement. Something that this article has incidentally contributed to. …huh.

We are all part of the marketing machine. Beep boop purchase Microsoft products.