Control Senior Writer Joins the Fable 4 Team

Is the New Fable Leaning in the direction of Cosmic Horror?

We knew the team working on Fable 4 was assembled of veterans from great titles and that the game itself was looking to blend new and old ideas, but this news still caught us by surprise. If there’s one game we didn’t expect to see Fable poaching talent from, it’s Control. Yeah, Control is fantastic, chilling, and well-written, but horror is horror and fantasy is fantasy… right? Apparently, Microsoft disagrees, because Anna Megill, senior writer on Control, has announced that she’ll be working as lead writer on the new Fable. Okay, Microsoft, you have our attention. Let’s see where this is going.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that Fable 4 will be any more horrific than the previous games in the series–some of which, admittedly, could get pretty spooky. That said, Megill spoke happily about how Fable 4 was “a perfect fit” for her, and she had a large hand in the direction Control took, so who knows? It’s not like there’s no market for dark fantasy games. The World of Darkness is getting back into the videogame market. That’s proof enough.

Megill is a fan of Fable and the Fable 4 team is already packed with talent from Rocksteady, Rockstar, Ninja Theory, and Gearbox Software, so we have high hopes for this new installment. Show us what you’ve got!

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