Latest State of Play Is Arriving Next Week – Here’s What to Expect

State of Play to Be Seen This Wednesday on YouTube and Twitch

Senior Director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications, Sid Shuman, has announced on the PlayStation Blog that PlayStation will be releasing its State of Play on Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00pm PT / 10:00pm BST. This was also announced on Twitter at the same time and has been pinned to ensure that followers will be unable to miss this exciting announcement.

Those who are interested in watching the announcement will be able to watch it on YouTube or Twitch live as they announce games for the upcoming season. The presentation promises to be twenty minutes at least, while they speak of not only games previously released but about games that will be coming out on the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4.


This is the first State of Play since July of this year, making it the third State of Play in 2021. However, the PlayStation games that will be discussed during the presentation will be third-party-created games, not games that Sony has developed itself. There is an emphasis that these releases will have come from their studio partners, but otherwise, the games that will be discussed during the State of Play are currently unknown. This only opens up the realm of possibilities as to what we could be hearing about as this current year comes to an end. On the one hand, we may hear about delays of certain games, as we heard about Sifu being delayed to 2022. But, we may also get to see something as exciting as hearing about the Final Fantasty VII Remake’s upgrade. So this promises to be an exciting mid-week reveal for all!

How will you be watching the State of Play? Did you plan to watch it as is, or watch a reaction on YouTube or Twitch? Let us know in the comments below!