Hints and Rumors on Sony’s Next Game to Come To PC

And It May Be Sackboy: A Big Adventure

While we know that PlayStation has acquired a new arm of the company that will specifically work on games ported for PCs, we did not know what games we will see ported. At least, not the next big game title that would be ported to PC. We do know for certain that in 2022, that we will be able to play God of War and Uncharted 4 on PC, thanks to previous announcements. But with Sony finally loosening their grip on their exclusive titles, fans have been wondering what else Sony may have in the works for their new division.

That’s to some sleuthing around, it’s been found out that there is a game on the SteamDB code-named Steel PC. Along with the mention of Marmalade, which had been connected with a previous leak in September, which also used Marmalade…it may be possible that the next big title that’s released is Sackboy: A Big Adventure. While Sackboy: A Big Adventure is not Little Big Planet, it does have the same charm, with good platforming, secrets to find, and amazing graphics, with a great approachability with gamers of all ages.

On the other hand, Sackboy: A Big Adventure was only released in 2020, making the conversion to PC gaming surprisingly quick. The God of War reboot was in 2018, and Uncharted 4: A thief’s end came out in 2016. Fans of both franchises certainly had to wait until Sony ported the game to PC. It could have been just due to Sony’s grip, or simply because they did not have the capability on their own. With the acquisition of Nixxes Software, as well as the knowledge that Microsoft is doing well in their own investment in porting their games to PC, Sony certainly has the means and the motivation to port Sackboy: A Big Adventure onto PC now.

Whether this is an assumption and strong desire on our part, or we’ll be seeing another big title instead will have to be seen.

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