Resident Evil: Village Hits 5 Million Copies Shipped Globally

My my, Ethan Winters…

There’s no denying how successful Resident Evil has been. It’s much deserved, with the tension, terror, and twists and turns that come from gameplay. But today, Capcom released a press release revealing just how successful the game has been, hitting the five million mark of copies sold. This also includes digital copies sold worldwide. In less than six months after its release is surprising. Having been released in May, if the sales for Resident Evil: Village continues, it may knock off the crown of Resident Evil 7’s record of having ten million copies sold as of this time.

Resident Evil Village Chris

While neither Resident Evil 7 nor Resident Evil: Village is Capcom’s highest-selling game yet, neither number is something to sneeze at. It may be that both or one will beat Monster Hunter World for the top spot at 20 million. Resident Evil: Village is currently in the tenth spot with its sales, and may continue to climb as the year comes to a close.

The success of the franchise can be attributed to the various Netflix releases as of late, such as the animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, or to long-term fans excited about the long-running franchise. Or, it could be laid at the feet of a certain giant woman that Capcom teased us with before its release. Either way, with the success of this latest edition of the series, we may end up seeing more of Ethan Winters in the near future.

Or, with the release of the Hollywood film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, recapturing the original story, may mean more remakes following Claire, Leon, and others as they survive the fall of Raccoon City and how it changed the world forever. Capcom did state that it is leveraging Resident Evil in a variety of mediums, which could mean more games, movies, and merchandise. Resident Evil Perfume anyone?

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