FIFA Is Committed To Expanding Its Gaming And eSports Portfolio

FIFA Is Committed To Widening Its Gaming and eSports Portfolio

Football is the most popular sport in the world bar none and so it’s no surprise that Electronic Art’s yearly release of FIFA sees consistent success, regardless of any questions as to its quality. The eSports industry has also grown exceptionally overtime, and is now a billion dollar industry. Footballers such as Mason Mount and other athletes including Kevin Durant and Shaquille O’Neal have invested in eSports, showing that there is a future in it. Due to the exponential growth, FIFA has announced that it will make commercial decisions that will benefit all football stakeholders for gaming and eSports.

In a release yesterday, FIFA, the governing body of world football whose duty is to develop the sport, noted it is confident about growing eSports and the gaming industry for football. However, it noted further that to do so, the space must be occupied by more than one party with the rights. The statement continues, stating, “Technology and mobile companies are now actively competing to be associated with FIFA, its platforms, and global tournaments.”

As a result, FIFA has been in contact with various stakeholders and suitable parties to determine how best to bring experiences and offerings to fans and consumers. To expand its eSports brand, FIFA will continue to organize a tournament under its recently launched eSports brand, FIFAe. Fans can get more info on that here.

In closing, FIFA noted that it is excited to utilize the FIFA World Cup, with four billion viewers, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup, with 1.2 billion viewers, as an avenue to advertise its eSports brand.

This statement begs the question, will there be a strategic change for the FIFA franchise? Will the rights be shared amongst different companies?

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