Survival Horror Game Propnight Officially Announced For PC

Survival Horror Game Propnight Has Officially Been Announced For PC

Fntastic is a video game developer whose mission is to create outrageous and fun games and thus far, the developers have produced The Wild Eight and Radiant One, two popular indie games. Mytone is an independent publisher and developer of various mobile games. The two teams have come together and announced a fresh game, Propnight. Propnight is a four versus one survival horror game that is heading to PC via Steam. Propnight’s Open Beta will commence on November 15th until November 18th. The Open Beta is free for all. The game will officially launch on November 30th.

Propnight’s forty second long trailer does an excellent job at highlighting the game’s fun and key features. It shows different evil monsters hunting down props, who abuse physics to escape the area.

Propnight takes place in a small provincial town, where teenagers are disappearing at an alarming rate. The question is, who or what is taking them away? Are you ready to find out? In Propnight, players can take on the role of the teenagers, or survivors, as well as the monsters, or killers.

As a survivor, players use physics and distractions to escape killers by hiding in props. To escape, they must fix the Propmachines. Killers on the other hand must hunt the players to win and ensure that they fail to fix the Propmachine. The game seems to be an interesting twist on Dead By Daylight. Propnight also seems to be a great ‘streamer’ game.

Interested persons can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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