Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show Schedule Revealed

Big News Incoming!

With E3, the PlayStation Showcase, and a few Nintendo Directs behind us, the next big gaming showcase on the calendar for 2021 is the Tokyo Game Show, a presentation of the best that Japanese developers have to offer. Heads were turned when Square Enix announced that they’d be holding a “Square Enix Presents” showcase over the three days of the event, with a heavy focus on the Final Fantasy series. While they’d previously announced a lineup of games that they planned to show off, we’ve now gotten their exact schedule for the weekend – and there’s plenty more coming after the main event on Friday.

Of course, Square Enix Presents is up first on Friday, your traditional E3-style showcase of upcoming games. You can check out the games set to make an appearance right here, but Final Fantasy fans beware – it’s looking like there’ll be no news about the latest mainline title in the series, Final Fantasy XVI, until the dev team are a bit happier with how the game is shaping up. However, we will be getting a look at one of Square Enix’s upcoming new IPs, Forspoken (formerly known as Project Athia). We first saw Forspoken all the way back when Sony first showed off the PS5, and we’re going to be getting a much deeper look at the game at TGS, with a Forspoken TGS Special event following Square Enix Presents.

That’ll be it for Friday, though they’ll be starting Saturday off with a bang – a Guardians of the Galaxy livestream event, titled “ “Selling the galaxy’s most awesome misfits to SQEX CEO” You got this. Probably.”. We don’t know much about what the event will entail, but with a title like that it’s sure to earn a few laughs. Next up, the Final Fantasy block begins with the mobile games Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and War Of The Visions: Brave Exvius. However, they’re likely to get blown out of the water by Saturday evening’s showcases: The SaGa Series livestream and the Strangers In Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin showcase.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin screenshot

Although Sunday will be starting off a little slowly with a Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Beginner’s Hall event (the FFTCG is good guys, I promise), it’ll be kicking it into 5th gear with a look at two newly-revealed titles: Chocobo GP and Voice of the Cards: The Dragon Isle Roars. To round off the weekend, we’ll be getting a look at the upcoming Final Fantasy VII battle royale mobile game (yes, it’s real), Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

Even apart from Square Enix’s showings, the Tokyo Game Show is set to be a big weekend for gaming news – here at COGconnected, we’ll be ready to keep you up to date with all the biggest news!