Final Fantasy 16 Devs Doubtful About Tokyo Game Show Reveal

Final Fantasy 16 Fans Are Hopeful That the Game Will Be Showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2021

Final Fantasy 16 fans have been clamouring for updates regarding the much-awaited installment. Although Square Enix confirmed that they will have a 50-minute window at the Tokyo Game Show, they are not absolutely sure if they can reveal anything further about the upcoming title.

final fantasy 16 tokyo game show 2021

Just last month, Final Fantasy 16 Producer Naoki Yoshida told the gaming community that they “definitely want to show” the game at the upcoming TGS. “We probably cannot make that deadline,” Yoshida said. “Isn’t it better if/when we do, you are able to play it right after?” Yoshida is not a fan of releasing tiny specks of information just to “string people along.” “We want to reveal something where people will say, ‘I want to play it now! Release it now!’” he added. “And we can reply, ‘Sure, here you go!’”

The studio had already announced previously that their presentation will be streamed on October 1st at 6AM ET, and the official event description indicates that they will showcase any “latest news” regarding their “upcoming titles, along with pre-announced information.” This tiny detail has sent Final Fantasy 16 fans into a frenzy and made them hopeful and expectant that Square Enix is, indeed, giving them more information about the game—after all, Final Fantasy 16 would definitely count as an upcoming title. Unfortunately, its TGS 2021 appearance has not been guaranteed.

Yoshida has confirmed previously that the scenario for Final Fantasy 16 is complete and that its audio video recording is almost finished. “It is quite difficult to make sure the quality is amazing,” he said. “We want the next announcement to be something where everyone says, ‘I am going to buy this game!’”

With so little to go on, it seems best for Final Fantasy 16 fans to manage their expectations regarding what titles are going to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show. It is hard not to get excited by the notion of potential updates on some of today’s most highly anticipated franchises. Thankfully, it is only a matter of weeks until the show.