Spider-Man: Miles Morales Doesn’t Look Like It’s Getting a DLC

Spider-Man: Miles Morales May Not Get a DLC, and That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Spider-Man: Miles Morales does not look like it is getting a premium DLC of its own. More than 10 months have passed since the game was officially released to the gaming community, but there remains to be no announcement regarding any expansions for the game. The silence surrounding any potential DLC for Spider-Man: Miles Morales has led its fans to assume that there is nothing in the works.

spider-man: miles morales dlc

Insomniac Games reportedly has many projects under its sleeve, including an untitled multiplayer game. Recent leaks about the Spider-Man game franchise suggest that the devs are now working on the next title. With that said, spending time and resources on more Spider-Man: Miles Morales content just sounds like a questionable decision. 

Not working on a premium DLC for the aforementioned title could only mean that the devs can allocate more effort and time on its next projects more effectively. Fans of the web-shooting wall crawler can then expect for the next full game to be released sooner than later. After all, Spider-Man fans are reportedly more excited to see the next actual installment to the game—instead of a DLC—so that they can start clashing with Venom.

Any additional content that Insomniac could have brought to Spider-Man: Miles Morales can, instead, be held for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Any extra suit concepts for Miles could end up being used for the web slinger’s next adventure. The same can be said for story-focused in-game content.

Taking a look at the side quests in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac seems to be setting up a battle between Miles and Kingpin. This story can be worked into the main plot of the sequel. Fisk has proven to be a worthy and dangerous adversary, and giving him the spotlight with a major role is something Spider-Man fans would definitely want to see.