XDefiant Will Include Reaction Emotes For Those Killed

Dab On Them Haters

A recent leak by Redditor MrNomNom9 has revealed some interesting features present in XDefiant, such as the ability for you to send a reaction to the player that killed you. This is definitely an interesting idea as I’ve definitely had some reactions to people killing me in an FPS.

Killed players will be able to react with “Wow,” “Anger,” “Shocked,” “Happy” and “Sad” emotes. Don’t worry; the killer isn’t left out of the fun here. They can “pop gang signs, anime poses, and dance moves.” The leaker states they saw an Echelon Agent dab after quick scoping. If someone kills me and then dabs, I’ll probably never touch the game again. I don’t need that negativity in my life. Have some honor and just teabag me and move on.

The leak also confirmed that the game will feature a gun customization screen. That’s pretty much a staple for these types of games, but it is good to know for sure it will be here. From what it looks like in the screenshot, it seems like it will be similar to how it works in Rainbow Six Siege.

This is a nice information dump for XDefiant, but I’m not sure it will be enough to sell people on this game. It still has a lot to prove, and fans are getting tired of Ubisoft just slapping the Tom Clancy label on something. Still, it is a free-to-play shooter, so I’m sure it will get plenty of people to at least give it a shot. I’m just curious if XDefiant will be able to keep players hooked for the long term. Especially with other great free-to-play shooters out like Splitgate.

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