Pokemon Unite May Finally Get More Species from Sinnoh Region

Pokemon Unite is the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise and was released to the public on July 21st. Back when the game was first announced, the gaming community was not too pleased because it simply looked like a rehashed League of Legends. Since its release, however, Pokemon Unite has managed to be a big hit for Nintendo gamers, albeit some issues.

As of the moment, Pokemon Unite only features 21 Pokemon creatures that are playable, half of which originated from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue—featuring the Kanto region. Pokemon Red and Blue were the pioneering games in the entire franchise. They were originally sold by Game Freak and was later published by Nintendo for its Game Boy consoles outside of Japan. The Pokemons during this generation have maintained to be iconic throughout the years and remained as one of the most popular characters today, such as Pikachu, Slowpoke, Charizard, Snorlax, Blastoise, and many more.

Pokemon Unite MOBA

Just like other MOBAs, or multiplayer online battle arena games, it is predicted that the number of playable Pokemon Unite characters will be increased eventually. Sadly, there is no clarity on when more Pokemons will be available. With news that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl being launched globally on November 19th on various Nintendo consoles, fans are anticipating that these installments may finally bring in more Pokemon species from the Pokemon world’s Sinnoh region.

In the Pokemon Unite character list, only two species from the Sinnoh region have been included, namely, Garchomp and Lucario. With that said, the November release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl would have a lot of room for bringing in more Sinnoh Pokemons.

The Sinnoh region possesses a multitude of powerful Pokemon species that could further improve Pokemon Unite’s character list after all. Weavile can be a great Speedster. Togekiss—evolving from first-generation species Togepi—has what it takes to be a perfect choice for Support. Also, Luxray—evolving from Shinx—is a useful All-Around character.