Loop Hero is Coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Save a Destroyed World On a Whole New Platform

Devolver Digital’s epic tale of a lone hero’s struggle to save a world that’s almost certainly far past the point of no return is getting a new lease on life later this year. That’s right, the highly successful indie game Loop Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Fans of story-driven roguelikes with lovely pixel art graphics and infinite replay value may now celebrate. And if you’re not already excited, the publisher has shared a short, 44-second-long trailer on its official YouTuber channel that does an excellent job of getting us hyped for the upcoming port.

This video is largely dedicated to showing off the simplistic but effective graphics and eerie but charming atmosphere of the game. However, once the game’s first boss–the world-destroying Lich–appears and challenges the player, things begin to change.

As you may guess from the title, Loop Hero is a game about cycles and recurrence, but that doesn’t mean things never change in it. In fact, the game will often immediately register when the player has done something new, so it makes perfect sense that the battle against the Lich is altered when the Lich realizes the game itself is about to receive a console port.

Although the hero reacts to this announcement with shock, he then goes right back to attacking the Lich as usual, because in Loop Hero new discoveries rarely have a significant impact on events–either because the hero will not change his mind, or because those he’s battling will not change theirs. Either way, while the news may not truly impact their fight, it definitely has an impact on the player.

Loop Hero does a lot of things right–gorgeous pixel art, vampires, and roguelike gameplay loops, to name a few–so it’s to hear the game is making its way to Nintendo Switch. With any luck, this excellent indie game will soon be gathering a wider audience in the console markets.

Loop Hero is now available on PC and will soon be available on Nintendo Switch.

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