Explaining the Guardians of the Galaxy Redesigns

We’ve Got New Insights on the Changes, Right From the Artists Themselves

If you’re a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, you may have been surprised to see how different the main characters looked in the upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. Eidos Montreal is re-imagining the iconic cast, putting their own unique spin on the faces you know and love. In a newly-released video, they break down each design and explain why they went forward with these changes – and some of them actually sound awesome.

Star Lord’s design is taking more from 80s pop culture nostalgia than anything else. His jacket is filled with little “easter eggs” for observant players to spot. Even the “Star Lord” name now originates from a band he loved. Everything about Star Lord’s design is an echo of his own past, back on earth. It all reflects somewhere he came from.

Rocket and Groot are mostly unchanged, but with a few details to showcase their friendship. Rocket now has a braided chin beard to echo Groot’s older, wizened appearance. And Rocket’s made some gear for Groot to wear, showcasing Rocket’s tech-savvy nature through another character’s design.

Drax has a detail that’s especially cool. Those line designs in his tattoos are a cultural thing – each one indicates a battle won. The story potential for this is interesting – since it’s a way to visually tell a character’s past history. I can easily see a plot point (either in the main game or a possible expansion) where another member of Drax’s race shows up, and the differing number of lines they wear leads to a direct comparison (or possible conflict?) between the two.

Gamora’s design is meant to look more combat-ready. She’s armored and aggressive – in the video, it showed a closer look at the way the armor fits around her hands and feet. There are reflective, silver bits that make it looks as though she’s got claws. She’s not just a fighter anymore – she’s a predator.

If you want to check the video out for yourself, it’s the source linked down below!