Life is Strange: True Colors Soundtrack Album Unveiled

New Album Continues Indie Genre from Predecessors

The Life is Strange series has always been known for its memorable indie soundtracks.  From the iconic songs of “Syd Matters” to the haunting vocals of Daughter, music has always played a large role in enhancing the impact of the emotional stories told.  Recently, Life is Strange: True Colors released its main soundtrack by Angus & Julia Stone, available on Youtube and Spotify.  

Life Is Strange: True Colors

The latest indie artists to grace Life is Strange are no strangers to the series.  In fact, one of their songs, “Santa Monica Dream,” was featured in Episode 1 and Episode 3 in reference to Chloe and Rachel.  Like Syd Matters and Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone is also an indie pop/folk music group.  

The game’s album, appropriately titled “Life is Strange,” contains 12 songs with the single “Love Song.”  The album perfectly matches with the indie acoustic sound that has come to define the Life is Strange series.  In addition, the game will contain music from mxmtoon, Novo Amor – as well as some big artists such as Gabrielle Aplin, Radiohead, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Life is Strange: True Colors seems to place a greater emphasis on music than its predecessors.  In fact, Square Enix went so far as to hire mxmtoon, a popular bedroom-pop musician, to play the singing voice of the guitar playing Alex Chen, the protagonist of True Colors.  In addition, a major location in the game where Alex is introduced to Ryan and Steph will be a record store.  It appears that music may play the same creative hobby role as Max’s photography in Life is Strange. 

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