Life Is Strange: True Colors Receives First Gameplay Trailer

They Better Have Vinyl

Square Enix has released the first gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors. Don’t worry Life is Strange fans; it still looks like Life is Strange. I can also confirm, it does have color.

The record store seems like a classic Life is Strange location. Something small but filled with items to look at that make the place feel real. These places feel like they have real history, and it is always fun to see how they can, and the people change as the game progresses.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Of course, it wouldn’t be a very good Life is Strange game without the characters. The trailer showcases two characters that may eventually become friends. It also shows a puzzle about moving a cat because it is sitting on something you need. As a cat owner, I get it. Cats can just be in the way sometimes.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Life is Strange game. The original Life is Strange would be one of my favorite games if it didn’t have such a disappointing last act. I just love character-driven adventure games, and Life is Strange has great characters, and I hope that continues here.

From this trailer, it definitely looks like some more of the same. It has the same Life is Strange art style, and I think it continues to look good. I just want to explore a small town, know the inhabitants, and learn their stories. Life is Strange 2 didn’t have quite as much as this with the characters being on the run, so I’m excited to return to this style.

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Source: Press Release