Xbox Takes High Ground After Trolls Spam Xbox Twitter Account

Seriously, Enough With The Silly Little Console War

Here we go again. This time a slew of PlayStation “fans” decided to slam the official Xbox Twitter account with “PS5 is better” posts. Why did they decide to do this? Who knows. Maybe they have nothing better to do or maybe they just have no ability to control their negative emotions.

Regardless, if you follow Xbox on Twitter you’ve probably become accustomed to seeing this steady stream of replies all the time. It’s pathetic and annoying. It’s everything we hate about Twitter, right?

Today, instead of fighting back or blocking all these banana heads, Xbox Twitter account decided to take the high ground. they did so with a simple little tweet. That is all it took and the tweet has kinda gone viral. At the time of writing it had over 100K likes.

Check out the tweet:

The tweet went live at 4 p.m. EST on the dot, which suggests this was a planned and calculated response. And a classy one at that. Bravo Xbox, that is how you deal with the trolls.

While PlayStation hasn’t chimed in yet, God of War director Cory Barlog did:

Even Shinoby602 decided to get in on the act:

See, it’s not hard folks. Just enjoy your console, enjoy the games and be thankful you still have your health and the ability to keep playing them. Life is short, playing video games doesn’t last forever.