Tetris Effect: Connected Makes Its Way To Steam Next Month

Fitting In

Over the last few years, Tetris has proved that an old dog can learn new tricks with a slew of high-quality reimaginings of the classic block-falling game, from the battle royale-esque Tetris 99 to the crossover of the century in Puyo Puyo Tetris. Now, the neon visual delight that is Tetris Effect: Connected will be available to a much wider audience, as it’s finally set to be ported to PC.

Tetris Effect is a 2018 remake of the classic game, currently available onĀ PS4, Oculus Quest, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Store PC. It brings with it a couple of updates to the gameplay we all know and love that make it one of the most accessible and satisfying to play versions of Tetris: the new Zone mode lets players halt the falling blocks for a few moments to take stock of their situation and figure out where best to place the next couple of blocks. Tetris Effect: Connected, on the other hand, includes a free update to Tetris Effect that allows for online multiplayer.

With the release of Tetris Effect: Connected on Steam, there’ll also be a fairly major update coming to all versions of the game. Probably the biggest new feature is cross-platform play, allowing players on any console or PC to face off against each other in the Tetris arena.

Tetris Effect

Also coming in the update are a couple of new game modes: Spectator Mode for when you want to kick back and watch your friends clearing some lines, PAL Speed Mode if you want to replicate the European PAL format of the NES version of Tetris (i.e. the one used in classic European tournaments), and Slow Mode, an inversion of Hyper Speed Mode that slows everything down – the perfect mode for beginners.

Tetris Effect launches on Steam on August 18th, with the update launching on all versions of the game on the same day.